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The Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering/Faculty of Engineering, Mie University was established in 1980 to bring up talents who contribute to build good and healthy architectural culture and environment.

Our life style is developing day by day, and requires better living environments supported by higher technology to protect human lives and valuable properties from the natural hazards. The Department carries out education and research to bring up able architects and engineers who could grasp the change in social conditions and act with originality and judging ability to achieve the social requirements.

Some of the courses provided in the Department are as follows: General Topics in Architecture for the first year students, and Architectural Design and Planning, Facility Management, Architectural History, Urban and Regional Planning, Architectural Environmental Engineering, Building Services, Urban Environment, Structural Mechanics, Reinforced Concrete Structures, Steel Structures, Structural Foundation, Structural Materials, and Building Construction for the second through fourth year students. Students are required to spend many hours in the exercise type of courses, such as Design Studio, Exercises in Formative Arts, Exercises in Architectural and Urban Environmental Engineering, Exercises in Structural Mechanics, and Structural Materials Laboratory. The students must present good Architectural Design and Thesis for their graduation.

Number of students enrolled in the Department is 50 every year, including 10 of the third year enrollments from other universities and colleges of technology, and student/teacher ratio is about 3. The students are enjoying person-to-person instruction with their supervisors. Good and warm relationships between students and teachers and among the students including foreign students are becoming tradition of the Department.

The Department is proud of not only high education activities but also aggressive research activities of the staff, outputs of which can be found in the Department's web page: http://www.

The Master and Doctor courses in the Graduate School of Engineering, Mie University is open for those who want to obtain deeper knowledge and higher ability for the original research.