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Modern chemical research and innovational chemical technology require a sound and deep understanding of the fundamental sciences, together with an open mind for a cross- and inter-disciplinary approach to sciences. The undergraduate curriculum of the Department offers chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, and biochemistry, related to a variety of specific areas such as synthetic chemistry of natural products, functional biochemistry, reaction mechanisms for materials chemistry, physical chemistry of interfaces, materials science of polymers and ceramics, quantum physical chemistry, simulation of chemical reactions, and bioengineering. At the senior level (4th grade), all students join in research activities in laboratories for a year for their graduation theses. The Department embraces a wide range of world-class level research activities in the fields of analytical, organic, polymer, inorganic, photo-, electro-, and bio-chemistry. Research in environmental sciences also falls within this framework. As in the undergraduate program, the Graduate School (Master's and Doctor's courses) offers a wide range of advanced courses in which students can engage in research activities of the highest level. The Doctor's course accepts also applicants who are already working in

chemical research institutes and manufacturing companies.