Materials Science


Comprehensive research and development concerning the properties and reactions of materials is required nowadays in order not only to keep abreast of the current advanced technology, but also so that new techniques affecting the future of Japan and the world can be developed, such as techniques essential for the effective utilization of resources and the preservation of the environment. From this viewpoint, techniques for design, manufacturing, and electrical engineering and the design and synthesis of new materials are important for fields such as chemical engineering.

Previously, investigations of materials have been carried out at universities independently, in separate Departments and within different fields. However, recently in various engineering fields the need for materials achieving high performance in a variety of ways has risen sharply, thus more organized cooperation among researchers in different fields of materials science has become indispensable.

In light of this, the Division of Materials Science was established composed of the combination of two laboratories: the Laboratory of Material Physics consisting of six research groups (Mechanical properties of materials, Materials design, Advanced manufacturing technology, Electronic properties of materials, Electronic materials, and Electronic devices); and the Laboratory of Material Chemistry consisting of six research groups (Organic fine chemistry, Functional conversion chemistry, System measurement chemistry, Biofunctional chemistry, Functional polymer chemistry, and Advanced inorganic chemistry).

The Division promotes cooperation between research fields characterized by different needs and objectives, and facilitates important research such as research on technologies utilizing the fundamental properties of materials based on quantum mechanics and electronic physics, and on the synthesis of functional materials with the desired properties for the fulfillment of specific practical needs. A high quality education across a wide range of interdisciplinary fields can be obtained in this Division.