Dean of Faculty of Engineering

Welcome Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

Welcome to the homepage of the Graduate School of Engineering/Faculty of Engineering, Mie University! The campus of Mie University is located in the northern part of the city of Tsu, the capital of Mie Prefecture, which lies on Ise Bay along Route 23, a main highway of the Kii Peninsula. Tsu City is conveniently located between the major cities of Nagoya and Osaka; one hour, and one hour and thirty minutes away by train. The surroundings are comfortable and blessed with many historic sites and cultural centers.

The Faculty of Engineering lies in the part of campus closest to the sea, and from the windows of their laboratories students and staff can see Kami ('God') Island, famous for the sound of the sea, and the Atsumi Peninsula, famous for its many beautiful flowers. We sometimes restore our energy by walking along the shoreline and watching the sea.

The Faculty of Engineering was founded in 1969, and it has developed rapidly since. Currently, our Faculty consists of six Departments, including five Master's courses and two Doctor's courses. We make every effort to attract the best students from all over the world, for example, by offering special entrance examinations for students studying abroad.

Our University motto expresses our philosophy of education: 'Give positive chances for positive learners.' And we consider that contributing to the community is important for students as well as education. To this end, we have developed educational programs that serve the community such as 'Education for Working People,' and 'Classes in High School.'

The staff of our Faculty carry out research with vigor in their specific fields of study, for example, environmental engineering, energy technology, new materials studies, bio-engineering, information engineering, nano-technology, and architectural design. 'Research Reports of the Graduate School of Engineering/Faculty of Engineering, Mie University' is published once a year, introducing and describing in detail the research activities of the staff.