Apr.1.1969 Faculty of Engineering of Mie University established
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering established
Apr.1.1970 Department of Chemistry of Industry established
Apr.1.1974 Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering established
Apr.1.1975 Department of Electronic Engineering established
Apr.1.1976 Department of Chhemistry of Resources established
Apr.1.1978 Graduate School (Master Course) of Mie Uiversity established, and four
Diveisions of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical andf Materials Engineering,
Electrical Engineering, and Chemistry of industry established
Apr.1.1979 Department of Electronic Engineering of Graduate School established
Apr.1.1980 Department of Architecture established
Department of Chemistry of Resources of Graduate School established
Apr.1.1984 Laboratory of Engineering Mathematics for Common Use established
Apr.1.1985 Department of Architecture of Graduate School established
Apr.1.1989 Department of Infomation Engineering established
Laboratory of Engineering Mathematics for Common Use abolished
Apr.1.1990 Department of Chemistry for Materials established
(Department of Chemistry of Industry and Chemistry of Resources combined and reformed)
Apr.1.1991 Department of Mechanical Engineering established
(Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mechamical and Materials Engineering combinited and reformed
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering established
(Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering combinited and reformed
Apr.1.1993 Department of Infomation Engineering of Graduate School established
Apr.1.1995 Graduate School (Docter Couse) of Mie University established,
and two Divisions of Materials Science and Systems Engineering established
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Chemistry for materials Engineering of Graduate School established
(Division of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Chemistry of Industry, and Chemistry of Resourees combinited and reformed
Apr.1.1997 Department of Physics Engineering established