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Our department strives to contribute to the progress of information engineering as it develops into a strategic discipline and gains recognition worldwide. And, our comprehensive program prepares and educates tomorrow's leaders within the exciting fields of information engineering. In addition to the core undergraduate courses such as fundamental theories, computer software, computer architecture, and computer hardware, the Department offers courses at the cutting edge of the information fields. Within the rapidly growing field of intelligent information processing, courses such as artificial intelligence and pattern recognition are offered. In addition, classes are available dealing with computer application technologies such as computer graphics and computer networking. This wide variety of courses offers a complete curriculum enabling students to fully comprehend the fields of information engineering and view them with a wider perspective. Students who wish to acquire deeper knowledge within the fields and undertake innovative and technologically advanced research in these areas are provided with a unique opportunity through the Department of Information Engineering's Graduate School. Students can pursue their graduate studies to earn a Master's degree. For those who wish to take their research and study to the highest level, the be attained for advanced research accomplishment. This new department, established in 1989, is educating students based on the latest equipment and curriculum. Research activities of the staff for staying at the cutting edge of the rapidly growing information fields include frequent conference presentations and publications in scientific journals.