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The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1991 by combining two departments, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical and Materials Engineering. The new education and research program covers advanced technology areas such as micro-engineering, mechatronics, bio-engineering, and energy-environment engineering. The curriculum is consistently composed of basic program courses (machinery dynamics, fluid dynamics, strength of materials, and quantum dynamics), applied courses (fluid mechanics, heat transfer, manufacturing, materials for mechanical engineering, design, mechatronics), courses in new fields (robotics, bio-dynamics, manufacturing systems, environmental heat transfer, renewable energy systems), invited talks by company engineers (transportation engineering, computer programming, production systems), and practical exercises (machine design and drawing, manufacturing exercises, engine tests). With the aid of their teachers, students work together under supervision and visit companies and factories. For developing further knowledge of mechanical engineering and cultivating students' abilities, the Graduate School (Master's course and Doctor's course) was established.

Graduates work in a variety of industrial fields such as fluid machinery, transportation machinery, precision machinery, manufacturing machinery, electronics, and materials production. As well as education, research is actively carried out. Academic achievements of the Department are highly evaluated by domestic and international societies.