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The Department of Physics Engineering was founded in April 1997, aiming to create a new branch of engineering based on nanotechnology. "Nano" means 10-9 and nanotechnology is the technology by which we produce substances and parts, of one to a hundred nanometers in size.

Nanotechnology has been successfully applied in many fields such as electronic materials and devices. Furthermore, this technology is expected to develop new kinds of techniques and to create entirely new fields of science and technology. It may become one of the major ingredients of solutions to the difficult problems of the 21st century, such as the global environmental problem and the energy problem. Nanotechnology requires a wide range of knowledge of techniques and sciences, in particular, mechanical and electronic engineering and their physical scientific bases.

Our department has an education and research program which combines physics, mechanical engineering, and electronic engineering. Our students are educated to become competent engineers and research workers who have an understanding of physics through the study of such subjects as quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics, and who master mechanical and electronic engineering through the study of such subjects as quantum mechatronics, micro-design engineering, electric circuit theory, and beam engineering. The academic staff is involved in research work in fields related to quantum field theory, materials science, beam technology, nanosensing, nanoelectronics, and nanoprocessing.